Browse our availability page, and you can visit the units inworld by clicking the teleport button.

When you rent you are automatically invited to the Lavish Living group. You must accept the invite and wear the group tag to rez. If you miss the invite, click your rental meter and click “group invite” to receive another. If you are having trouble rezzing in certain areas, rez a prim that you can place objects on, and rez on top of that prim. If you are still having trouble please notify MadisonJae.

Anyone you want to be able to rez in your home has to be added as a tenant. Just click your rental meter, click tenants, and add the username of anyone you want joining your home. They will receive a group invitation to rez once added, and they can click the rental to get it again if they miss it. Their prims will count against your prim allowance. We recommend asking for edit rights for anyone rezzing in your home should you need to move or return their items.

Just click your rental, then Land Impact, and you will receive a message in local chat with your total prims used. If you are overlimit your meter will display a yellow image. Please quickly make the necessary adjustments to reduce your land impact if this happens.

Please contact MadisonJae regarding raising your prim allowance. No guarantees can be made that extra prims will be available.

At this point in time, rezzing prims on-sim is not allowed. If there is a special event where rezzing can be temporarily allowed, staff will notify residents via group notice.

Click on the security control panel and click ARM to activate it. You can choose to disarm at any time, as well as add people to a guest list or ban people from your property. If you have any trouble with security or another resident, please do not hesitate to contact MadisonJae.

Yes. All rentals are on private parcels so you have edit rights to the stream. Under World tab, go to Parcel Details, then the Sound tab, and copy/paste the URL of the stream you wish to use.

Yes. Go to World > Parcel Details, General, and change the name of your private parcel to your liking.

No, homes are rented as is. Nothing can be removed, added, or modified, Please be sure to fully view rental and ensure you like it before renting.

Yes. If you have rented a skybox but another one more suitable becomes available, contact MadisonJae about transferring tier. You will have to pay tier on the new rental first before tier on the old rental can be added on to it.

No. You may use your security to eject any unwanted avatars from your private parcel but we cannot give eject/banning rights for the rest of the sim. If you are being harassed, trolled, etc, please contact MadisonJae immediately.

At this point in time, rezzing in Paradise Vue is not allowed (exceptions may apply for special circumstances or events), and this includes cars. This may change in the near future. Modes of transportation are available on the sim.

Please contact MadisonJae with any inquiries about having events In Paradise Vue.

At the moment, there is no availability for business rentals. Notice will be given on our website, social media, and in-world the moment this changes.