Wedding venuE rental

A quiet, tranquil, and breath taking wedding venue for hire.

Serene Beach Wedding

A finely decorated, automated, serene wedding located on a secluded beach. Want a gorgeous – once in a Second Life – wedding experience but without the cost and headache of planning one? Rent your dream wedding ceremony NOW with us!

TIER COST for this rental is L$1,999 per day. If available, you can rent on the spot via the tablet located in the tent by the stairs, or book in advance by contacting a staff member. A 48 hour minimum notice to book in advance, subject to availability! To book in advance please contact any member of our staff below or click on the staff board to send a message:

    • melisheart Resident
    • xStallona Resident
    • Abhishek Swashbuckler
What is included in your rental?
  • A fully decorated, luxurious and hassle free wedding ceremony area.
  • Top of the line security.
  • Fully automated animations (you will receive a system HUD that controls all the animations of the pose balls and a notecard with instructions). The HUD is hassle free and easy to use and is transferrable! GROUP only.
  • Parcel name, media & music rights to make your wedding more personal.
  • Access to a fully furnished bridal room.
  • Access to a fully furnished grooms room.
  • Rezzing rights, with a 200 prim balance and the ability to purchase more prims if needed at an extra cost. Please contact online staff ahead of time to organize a prim balance upgrade.
  • Staff support with a 24 hour or less turnaround response time.
How to rent?
  1. Please locate the Lavish Living tablet in the white tent which is located by the stairs or click the followng button to get to it:


  1. Check availability of this rental by clicking on the tablet, then clicking “Info” on the blue hud that appears on the top right. The tablet will let you know if it’s currently available or unavailable in the nearby chat. If unavailable and you’d like to make a reservation ahead of time, please contact staff to arrange a booking to secure your spot. If available, please move on to step #3 to rent now.
  2. Click on the tablet again, and select “Pay.” Follow the instructions that appear on the blue hud in the top right of your viewer; process your payment by making a payment on the tablet.
  3. Once you’ve selected your pay option, you are all good to go! Please refer to the notecard given to you at the time of renting for further information. You can click your tablet to get a redelivery of the notecard.
  4. Click on the camera on the table to get a delivery of your Wedding Animation Control System HUD. (Must be wearing group tag).
Why should you rent for more than a day?

We understand and love shotgun weddings – those are fun too, so you may only want & need 1 day! But if you are a planner and want to organize a rehearsal with your bridesmaids and groomsmen for example, or test out the animations, take pictures ahead of time, test out parcel rights & security, etc, we highly recommend renting for more than a day to ensure things run smoothly on your special day. ✧

We hope you have a wonderful and “once in a Second Lifetime” wedding experience with Lavish Living SL rentals. If you have any inquiries or issues, please do not hesitate to contact any available staff from the staff board in the white tent, or IM any of the contacts listed above. We want to make sure you have the best experience. Thank you for choosing Lavish Living SL.