You don't just get a home with Lavish Living. You also get tons of community facilities to enjoy with your friends and family.

Paradise Vue Amenties

Paradise Vue Park

Modern park with various water features and benches to enjoy with family and friends.

The Coffee Club

Modelled after Melbourne cafes, you can find here all kinds of drinks and food and seating areas.

Paradise Vue Beach

Tranquil beautiful beach to relax and to experience that summer feeling.

Community Pool

A modern luxurious pool along with a hot tub and bar to soak in and relax.

Outdoor Cinema

Outdoor cinema equipped with a large screen (XTV) in park to enjoy movies and TV shows with friends, family and loved ones.

Serene Escape

A quiet romantic spot to share with your special someone. There is a hot tub in the corner as well. You can reserve this spot for ultimate privacy by using the tablet near the for no cost.

Picnic Area

A beautiful picinic are with a gorgeous view of watefall to have that perfect picnic in the summer.

Sugarcoat Beauty Spa

Modern luxrious beauty spa and salon that offers a wide variety of treatments.

The Luxe

Our stunning underground event area/club for events and parties. Feel free to contact us to reserve this space for your own events.

Hit Fit Gym

A small little gym to cater to all the fitness needs of our community.

Public Restrooms

RIght next to oour cafe you will find our public restrooms fully compatible with MyStory to enrich your SL experience.